From the Desk of Secretary NSSI

Dr.RajkumarNeurological Surgeon Society of India (NSSI) was registered in the February, 2011 with the kind encouragement of eminent academic Neurosurgeons & their generous support, from all over the country. The founding members conceived, formulated and chalked out a plan to evolve a dedicated surgical forum which can represent the neurosurgeons of the country. This society is emerging as a sole forum of academic neurosurgeons of country by your support, seeing the growth of life members in NSSI in a short span of time. Currently we have 350 members in our society. The founder members of NSSI met on 26.03.2011 at Jaipur to discuss the various issues related to the academic, its activities, first conference, membership of society and publication related issues. The committee resolved to start a scientific journal of the society and named it as “Indian Journal of Neurosurgery” (IJN).. We all realize in our routine practice that the data cited in western literature do no match with our patients’ profile in several ways and this creates problem while dealing and interpreting with complex neurosurgical conditions that are common in India. It was also felt appropriate to build our own data base of neurosurgical issues, ways to deal, skills to cater them. Simultaneously, our academic standards of teaching and training offered to our trainees at various institutes and colleges in the country is also inhomogeneous. Keeping all the above factors in mind NSSI started IJN with the help of Dr Sarat Chandra, who also is our first editor. We are aiming to publish two issues per year to begin with and gradually increase the frequency of issues & circulation according to the need and demand, in days to come. We could publish and circulate our first issue successfully, an e-submission of manuscript is readily available today. You will see IJN in pub med within few months. I, therefore, request you all to submit your quality of scientific work in great numbers for publication in Indian Journal of Neurosurgery (IJN).

The web site of society is our effort to put us together and share the possible information by few clicks. I hope that all of you will not only benefit but also contribute to make our neurosurgical community a force to reckon with time to come.